MAD Concaves

Wheat                       Fragmented heads and caps can't pass through concave or out
                                     the back, eliminate rotor loss.  Reduced returns and MOG
                                     (material other than grain) to separating area, reduce losses out
                                     back.  Do it right the first time.  Open up concave in normal
                                     conditions and free up power.

Flax                            Unthreshed bolls can't pass through concave
                                      reduced returns and MOG.

Oats                            Thresh closer and bring up weight.

Alfalfa                        Improved threshing and less MOG to separating area.

Canary                       Able to open up concave and free up power.

Sprouted Grains    Give them a work out, bring up to weight.

          Possible other applications that have yet to be explored and tested.

$$$  Reduced Dockage
$$$  Reduced Losses
$$$  Gained Operation Efficiencies
$$$  Increase Grain Quality

- 2 front position (1 left, 1 right) for normal to hard thresh conditions.
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